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King Cake Craziness

Mardi Gras is all about celebrating excess. This can take on many forms: gorging ourselves on fattening food, enjoying an adult beverage or two, making spectacles of ourselves to get strings of plastic beads, etc. At Nomsola, we’re all about the food and drink. One Mardi Gras speciality has recently bridged the gap between the two allowing us to enjoy excess in a plethora of ways. If you’re crazy about king cake, get ready to fall in love with it again and again.

Fried King Cake | The Duke


The Duke in Houma is known for two things: great burgers and frying desserts. You can even bring in your own treats and have the kitchen fry them up. During Mardi Gras, keep the Little Debbies at home because nothing will top the Duke’s fried king cake. You might expect the deep fryer to turn a beautiful king cake into a greasy mess, but the result is somehow even better than what they started with. A flaky golden coat of batter topped with that signature purple, yellow, and green icing hides a perfectly moist cinnamon center. I never want to go back to regular king cake.

King Cake Latte & Cupcake | The Weeping Willow Cafe


Every somewhat local cafe offers a king cake coffee this time of year. Some simply sprinkle a little cinnamon and call it a day, but the Weeping Willow in Thibodaux offers a better take along with a tasty snack. Beyond dried cinnamon, I assume the Willow uses a cinnamon syrup to give their creamy latte a deeper king cake flavor. If you’re familiar with the cafe’s cupcakes, you’ll know their king cake cupcakes are topped with a rich icing, featuring the classic Mardi Gras sprinkles, atop a perfectly light cinnamon cake. These two are a perfect seasonal afternoon snack.

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