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Cuisine: Creole, Italian

Downtown Thibodaux’s perennial upscale restaurant has one of the most sophisticated and eclectic menus around. And while it draws influence from Asian, Italian, Latin, and of course Cajun and Creole cuisines, Fremin’s still manages to deliver consistently delicious food. The building is nearly 150 years old and features an elegant but fun atmosphere. Starting with a drink at the handsome bar or the over-the-top bread service (the best around) and moving onto decadent appetizers, entrees, and specials, Fremin’s is hands down THE restaurant to visit when you want to treat yourself and the people you love to a memorable meal. Just remember to make reservations.
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Foundry on the Bayou

Cuisine: Italian, Creole

The sign out front might say “Italian,” but the first half of the Foundry’s menu consists of classic French Creole dishes like escargot and some of New Orleans’ famous oyster preparations. Of course the Italian entrees are also delicious. There’s some pasta and red sauce to be found here, but the Foundry focuses on a rich and savory variety of sophisticated dishes featuring veal, duck, and lamb. The dining room is the height of elegance in the area, but if you’re looking for something a little more casual, the upstairs bar and patio are the perfect hangouts for sharing upscale snacks and cocktails.
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Cristiano Ristorante

Cuisine: Italian, Creole

You could probably eat at Cristiano once a week for the rest of your life without ever having the same exact meal twice and still love every bite. That’s a testament to the restaurant’s plethora of specials: daily risotto, gnocchi, pasta, and seafood preparations in addition to seasonal menus showcasing local ingredients with Italian flare. But if you want something to fall in love with and order every time you visit, Cristiano’s classic menu has more than enough to keep you coming back. And despite the sophistication behind the food and service, the restaurant maintains a laid back but charming atmosphere that anyone could enjoy. Continue reading Cristiano Ristorante