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Sarah’s Mediterranean Cuisine & Cafe

Cuisine: Greek, Cajun

Greek, Lebanese, Mediterranean (whichever you prefer) cuisine was popularized in our area by Sarah’s, which has returned to its humble origins as a small gas station diner in downtown Houma. All the favorites like hummus, baba ganuj, grape leaves, gyro, and more are here in addition to familiar diner and truck stop fare. The latter might be there for those unwilling to take the plunge and try some of the strange sounding dishes, but everyone should give this food a try. You’ll start craving the flavors on a daily basis.
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Leeville Seafood Restaurant

Cuisine: Cajun, Seafood

It’s fitting that you have to travel beside several miles of bayou and marsh to arrive at what is possibly the best seafood restaurant in Lafourche Parish. You’re completely surrounded by the unique sights of our humble swampland by the time you arrive at Leeville’s best and only restaurant. It’s modest surroundings are completely devoid of pretentiousness, but it’s menu isn’t lacking in sophistication when you look past the typical (but delicious) fried fare and into the restaurant’s specials. They’re especially good with crab: claws, fried softshell, and plain old jumbo lump find their way into many of the dishes with delicious results. It’s the height of decadence for the bayou made only better by the modest and authentic surroundings of Cajun country. Continue reading Leeville Seafood Restaurant