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Zen Japanese Grill & Sushi

Cuisine: Japanese, Asian

Sushi is usually just one part of a Japanese restaurant’s larger menu, but Zen is first and foremost a sushi restaurant with a focus on beautifully constructed rolls that employ unique ingredients. And while most sushi menus separate their rolls between “basic” and “special,” Zen organizes its sushi further based on degrees of rawness. Skittish diners can sample rolls from the “Fully Cooked” section with ingredients like bacon, fried shrimp, and calamari before possibly moving onto the more adventurous “Open Minded” and “Eat It Raw” categories where they’ll find tuna, salmon, and yellowtail. If you’re still not interested or simply want fried rice, noodles, or other hibachi specials, Zen has the full menu you’re used to without all the theatrics.
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White Bowl

Cuisine: Vietnamese, Asian

Vietnamese food finally made its way to our little area with the arrival of White Bowl a few years back. If you’re unfamiliar with the cuisine, don’t be scared off by the exotic names. Pho is the most incredible noodle soup you’ve ever had with a broth that can heal your soul. Bahn mi is a Vietnamese poboy with flavorful fillings in a crusty baguette. And if that’s still too daunting for you, White Bowl serves a variety of more traditional Asian dishes all in its very modern, casual dining room. It’s a hip ambassador to a vastly underrated cuisine.
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Song Phi Nong

Cuisine: Thai, Asian

The convenient location and incredible beer selection help set Song Phi Nong apart from the area’s other Thai restaurants, but the food is the star here. There are no surprises on the menu, just consistently delicious food as spicy as you like. The atmosphere is extremely casual, and there are enough approachable Asian standards on the menu that anyone can have a great time at Song Phi Nong. Continue reading Song Phi Nong