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Scarlet Scoop

Cuisine: Ice Cream

Visiting Scarlet Scoop is like stepping into a dream. This little ice cream shop transports you back in time to your childhood when your life’s ambition was to eat as much candy as possible. The black and white old-timey newsprint wallpaper makes the shocking rainbow of edible colors stand out all the more. Almost every square inch of counter space is devoted to massive lollipops, jawbreakers as big as your face, vintage mints, a million different kinds of taffy, and much, much more. But you’re not here for any of that because beneath the counters are tubs of rich, creamy ice cream. What really sets Scarlet Scoop apart, though, are the custom mixed flavors they serve throughout the year. They always manage to come up with something that perfectly matches the time of year while being delicious no matter when you drop in, hot or cold. Any time is a good time for Scarlet Scoop.
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Sarah’s Mediterranean Cuisine & Cafe

Cuisine: Greek, Cajun

Greek, Lebanese, Mediterranean (whichever you prefer) cuisine was popularized in our area by Sarah’s, which has returned to its humble origins as a small gas station diner in downtown Houma. All the favorites like hummus, baba ganuj, grape leaves, gyro, and more are here in addition to familiar diner and truck stop fare. The latter might be there for those unwilling to take the plunge and try some of the strange sounding dishes, but everyone should give this food a try. You’ll start craving the flavors on a daily basis.
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White Bowl

Cuisine: Vietnamese, Asian

Vietnamese food finally made its way to our little area with the arrival of White Bowl a few years back. If you’re unfamiliar with the cuisine, don’t be scared off by the exotic names. Pho is the most incredible noodle soup you’ve ever had with a broth that can heal your soul. Bahn mi is a Vietnamese poboy with flavorful fillings in a crusty baguette. And if that’s still too daunting for you, White Bowl serves a variety of more traditional Asian dishes all in its very modern, casual dining room. It’s a hip ambassador to a vastly underrated cuisine.
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