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Spigots: “A Cool Place to Drink Beer”

These are a few of my favorite things.

Calling an establishment a “pub” conjures a very specific image in my head: a small tavern that serves a few no frills beers alongside hearty, rustic food. Houma’s new self-proclaimed brew pub, Spigots, expands that image for me in the best ways possible.

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Scarlet Scoop

Cuisine: Ice Cream

Visiting Scarlet Scoop is like stepping into a dream. This little ice cream shop transports you back in time to your childhood when your life’s ambition was to eat as much candy as possible. The black and white old-timey newsprint wallpaper makes the shocking rainbow of edible colors stand out all the more. Almost every square inch of counter space is devoted to massive lollipops, jawbreakers as big as your face, vintage mints, a million different kinds of taffy, and much, much more. But you’re not here for any of that because beneath the counters are tubs of rich, creamy ice cream. What really sets Scarlet Scoop apart, though, are the custom mixed flavors they serve throughout the year. They always manage to come up with something that perfectly matches the time of year while being delicious no matter when you drop in, hot or cold. Any time is a good time for Scarlet Scoop.
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Sarah’s Mediterranean Cuisine & Cafe

Cuisine: Greek, Cajun

Greek, Lebanese, Mediterranean (whichever you prefer) cuisine was popularized in our area by Sarah’s, which has returned to its humble origins as a small gas station diner in downtown Houma. All the favorites like hummus, baba ganuj, grape leaves, gyro, and more are here in addition to familiar diner and truck stop fare. The latter might be there for those unwilling to take the plunge and try some of the strange sounding dishes, but everyone should give this food a try. You’ll start craving the flavors on a daily basis.
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Grady V’s American Bistro

Cuisine: American

Hidden in the back of the Thibodaux Country Club neighborhood, Grady V’s feels like a very exclusive restaurant but it couldn’t be more accessible to diners thanks to its eclectic menu. You’d expect some upscale dishes at a place like this and you’d be right to do so, but it might surprise you to learn that Grady V’s also serves some of the best burgers around. The dining room is just dark enough and has a great view of the beautiful golf course out back. You feel like you’re getting away from it all, if just for an hour, when you have a meal at Grady V’s.
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Local Guide to Lent

In the past, I’ve approached the season of Lent with its restriction of consuming meat on Fridays by offering weekly lists of seafood alternatives that you can enjoy in our area. If you missed it or want an easy way to look back and possibly get some ideas on where to dine on Fridays this Lenten season, I’ve organized the articles into a convenient list here.

Please note that while some of these options may no longer be available this year, the lists are still helpful for deciding on where to dine during Lent.


Dragon Roll at Zen

There’s no shortage of meat-free food options when you’re eating sushi. You even get to decide whether you want it cooked or raw, and this is the perfect time to venture out and try the most exotic stuff if you haven’t yet taken the plunge. Even more sushi restaurants have open up since this list was first published so your options are greater than ever now.

Mexican Food

Fish ceviche at El Paso

Aside from the obvious grilled shrimp fajitas, Mexican restaurants have a lot to offer if you’re avoiding meat. Think seafood tacos, nachos, ceviche, and even vegetarian options.

Grilled Oysters

Chargrilled oysters at Cristiano

While you wouldn’t normally make a meal out of just grilled oysters (or would you?), this list features restaurants that feature these tasty treats on the half shell in addition to other fantastic seafood options.

Fried Softshell Crab

Fried softshell crab pasta at Leeville Seafood Restaurant

Why eat some of the crab when you can eat the whole thing? Plenty of local restaurants should have this delicacy on their menus, but this list features some of the best around.

Seafood Poboys

Blackened catfish poboy at Griffin’s

This list offers alternatives to the typical fried shrimp or oyster poboy, not that there’s anything wrong with those classics.

Fish Specials

Daily fish special at Dominique’s Bistro

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a nice piece of fish cooked to perfection. The restaurants on this list all feature delicious daily fish specials based on what’s fresh the day you dine with them.


Cuisine: Creole, Italian

Downtown Thibodaux’s perennial upscale restaurant has one of the most sophisticated and eclectic menus around. And while it draws influence from Asian, Italian, Latin, and of course Cajun and Creole cuisines, Fremin’s still manages to deliver consistently delicious food. The building is nearly 150 years old and features an elegant but fun atmosphere. Starting with a drink at the handsome bar or the over-the-top bread service (the best around) and moving onto decadent appetizers, entrees, and specials, Fremin’s is hands down THE restaurant to visit when you want to treat yourself and the people you love to a memorable meal. Just remember to make reservations.
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Zen Japanese Grill & Sushi

Cuisine: Japanese, Asian

Sushi is usually just one part of a Japanese restaurant’s larger menu, but Zen is first and foremost a sushi restaurant with a focus on beautifully constructed rolls that employ unique ingredients. And while most sushi menus separate their rolls between “basic” and “special,” Zen organizes its sushi further based on degrees of rawness. Skittish diners can sample rolls from the “Fully Cooked” section with ingredients like bacon, fried shrimp, and calamari before possibly moving onto the more adventurous “Open Minded” and “Eat It Raw” categories where they’ll find tuna, salmon, and yellowtail. If you’re still not interested or simply want fried rice, noodles, or other hibachi specials, Zen has the full menu you’re used to without all the theatrics.
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