Spigots: “A Cool Place to Drink Beer”

These are a few of my favorite things.

Calling an establishment a “pub” conjures a very specific image in my head: a small tavern that serves a few no frills beers alongside hearty, rustic food. Houma’s new self-proclaimed brew pub, Spigots, expands that image for me in the best ways possible.

Before you even walk in, you can see that Spigots is no small tavern but rather a massive two-story cross between a lodge (bedecked floor to ceiling with polished wood) and a church with its ornate, stained glass windows. But true to all pubs, what they worship here is lots of good homemade beer and the food that goes with it, just in Spigots’ own way.

Ordering a flight (your choice of four small beers) is the way to go on your first visit whether you’re a seasoned beer enthusiast or a hesitant novice. The former obviously wants to try as many beers as possible but the latter will want to see if there’s anything here they like. Both should prepare to be surprised as Spigots’ brewing philosophy of balance and flavor is present in all eight of their flagship beers. They won’t weigh you down or knock you out in a flight or two, nor will they overwhelm you with extreme bitterness.

The weiss biere is the perfect example of this. I normally avoid weiss because I find some of them to be too spicy and dry, but Spigots’ take approaches that line just close enough to get that hint of banana and clove without leaving that dry burn I dislike. And while that’s just my personal taste, the weiss biere is indeed one of Spigots most popular creations according to general manager Jacob Aucoin, and the same approach is taken with all their other flagships beers.

“We have to serve great beer,” he says. “If the beer’s not right, then nothing else matters.”

What’s “right,” according to Aucoin, is beer that people won’t get tired of. “We want somebody to say, ‘that’s so good, I’m gonna’ drink a bunch of them today, and I’m gonna’ come back and drink a bunch of them tomorrow.’”

About to take flight….

That’s not to say Spigots won’t venture into some of the more extreme beers that are popular among enthusiasts today. Aucoin says they want to get to brewing “some pretty funky beer down the line.” That includes oak aging, high gravity, and other techniques that produce bigger, bolder beers. For now, Spigots is already expanding its starting lineup with new brews. A blood orange IPA premiered last week, and a coffee vanilla porter is soon to follow giving patrons more reason to return frequently to see what’s new.

If they like what they taste, Spigots gladly fills growlers to go no matter what brewery they come from. “Now your growler finally knows what it’s like to have good beer in it,” Aucoin jokes. Or, diners can choose to take things up a notch and reserve seating upstairs for dinner or private events. But anyone looking to drink a few beers while enjoying the view of Barrow Street from the balcony can stop by on Friday and Saturday nights.

Spigots isn’t just a brewery, though. It’s a pub, and that means food. The daily lunch specials often harken back to my original idea of pub fare: homey, local dishes like red beans and rice or shrimp spaghetti. Meanwhile, the main menu leans more toward sports bar favorites like fried chicken wings with a variety of sweet or spicy sauces to choose from, massive and thickly battered onion rings, and of course a big burger which is especially delicious (get the smoked gouda!) Also keep an eye on Spigots Facebook page for more upscale dinner specials like boudin stuffed quail wrapped in bacon or Long Island roasted duck with fried pate balls.

Spigots is the kind of place that can get away with serving copious amounts of beer and fried food that leaves you licking your fingers as well as carefully planned flights and elegantly prepared dishes. That’s due in part to the decor. Aucoin says diners often suggest they must have been working toward this very specific image for the several years they spent creating Spigots. “Yeah, you would think so,” he responds, but it turns out the look came together one piece at a time. “We didn’t start this project by saying this bar is gonna’ be covered in cypress and have bullet casings in it. This is all touched by local hands. Everything in this building means something to the community.” The stained glass windows and local artwork all came together to form owner Richard Gonsoulin’s desire for “a cool place to drink beer” according to Aucoin.

I’d say it’s a job well done.

Spigots Brew Pub


  • Sunday: 10 am — 10 pm
  • MondaySaturday: 11 am — 10 pm

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