Local Guide to Lent

In the past, I’ve approached the season of Lent with its restriction of consuming meat on Fridays by offering weekly lists of seafood alternatives that you can enjoy in our area. If you missed it or want an easy way to look back and possibly get some ideas on where to dine on Fridays this Lenten season, I’ve organized the articles into a convenient list here.

Please note that while some of these options may no longer be available this year, the lists are still helpful for deciding on where to dine during Lent.


Dragon Roll at Zen

There’s no shortage of meat-free food options when you’re eating sushi. You even get to decide whether you want it cooked or raw, and this is the perfect time to venture out and try the most exotic stuff if you haven’t yet taken the plunge. Even more sushi restaurants have open up since this list was first published so your options are greater than ever now.

Mexican Food

Fish ceviche at El Paso

Aside from the obvious grilled shrimp fajitas, Mexican restaurants have a lot to offer if you’re avoiding meat. Think seafood tacos, nachos, ceviche, and even vegetarian options.

Grilled Oysters

Chargrilled oysters at Cristiano

While you wouldn’t normally make a meal out of just grilled oysters (or would you?), this list features restaurants that feature these tasty treats on the half shell in addition to other fantastic seafood options.

Fried Softshell Crab

Fried softshell crab pasta at Leeville Seafood Restaurant

Why eat some of the crab when you can eat the whole thing? Plenty of local restaurants should have this delicacy on their menus, but this list features some of the best around.

Seafood Poboys

Blackened catfish poboy at Griffin’s

This list offers alternatives to the typical fried shrimp or oyster poboy, not that there’s anything wrong with those classics.

Fish Specials

Daily fish special at Dominique’s Bistro

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a nice piece of fish cooked to perfection. The restaurants on this list all feature delicious daily fish specials based on what’s fresh the day you dine with them.


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