Lent: Grilled Oysters

Our area’s strong Catholic heritage and coastal traditions shift our attention to certain foods this time of year. Whether or not you observe Lent, you’re sure to notice many local restaurants catering toward those abstaining from meat, not that it’s ever difficult to find great seafood around here. We’ll be sharing these Lenten menus with you, but each week, we’d also like to highlight some tasty alternatives you should keep in mind until Easter.

Keeping with the theme of these articles, sharing Lent-friendly meals that encourage you to explore new and delicious food, I present the best way I know to get many people to try a local delicacy for the first time: Chargrilled oysters! Who can say no to all that butter, garlic, and cheese? Here are some of the best grilled oysters on local menus.

Boudreau & Thibodeau | 5602 W Main St, HoumaFB_IMG_1425742301478

Cheesy, buttery, garlicky…. The chargrilled oysters at Boudreau & Thibodeau are a lot like the originals at Drago’s in Metarie, piping hot and perfect on flaky French bread. The oysters are on the regular menu alongside one of the largest assortment of Cajun seafood dishes around from the usual gumbo and poboys to turtle and redfish courtbouillon. There are a ton of seafood options year round here, but the oysters are always a great choice.

Big Al’s Seafood | 1377 W Tunnel Blvd, HoumaFB_IMG_1425743062842

Big Al’s is another local seafood mecca that deals in delicious oysters. Thick crusts of bread and loads of melted cheese make it easy to scarf them down even if it’s your first time. The rich flavors of butter and garlic compliment the great seafood flavor and hide any unsavory texture you might associate with oysters. You’ll be hooked before long.

Grady V’s | 900 Country Club Blvd, Thibodaux


Grady V’s has included grilled oysters on their delicious Lent menu again this year. They serve it with a garlic crostini, cranking up the already powerful flavors. The oysters are a great way to start an incredible Lenten meal at Grady V’s where the specials include lobster, tuna, fresh fish, and more.

Cristiano Ristorante | 724 High St, Houma


Cristiano has the most unique take on grilled oysters around. The butter and garlic are still there but the addition of sweet, roasted red peppers completely changes the flavor in a great way. Alongside an order of the fried green tomatoes topped with a chunky crab remoulade and the daily seafood special for the entree, you’re in for one of the best Lenten meals you’ve ever had.


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