Snowball Effect

LSU (aka Ice Cream and King Cake) snowball from Bayou Cool Treats.

I feel like I missed out on some childhood summer experience that everyone else had. Somehow, I never formed an opinion about snowballs and snowball stands outside of “I want one now!” It was all a blur of grape and strawberry until I got a little order fancying myself sophisticated for holding nectar as my go-to flavor. All the while, I never realized people were doing crazy stuff like stuffing snowballs with ice cream or condensed milk. And as far as I knew, a snowball flavor was the same no matter where you got it.

This summer, my first since moving back down the bayou, I’m suddenly filled with the urge to stop off at a snowball stand at least once a week. Maybe it’s because those were the places we’d frequent as a kid, but it just seems to me that a snowball stand is supposed to be on the side of the road in view of the bayou.

root beer
Stuffed Root Beer snowball from Grom’s.

Trying to make up for my lack of diversity as a kid, I’ve been ordering all sorts of flavors. With so many snowball stands and flavors around, I’m hesitant to pick a favorite. Highlights, however, include Cantaloupe at the Chill-Out, stuffed Root Beer at Grom’s, and Butter Cream Vanilla at Brooke’s Sno World.

There are just so many stands, with so many flavors to try at each one, that it’s almost overwhelming, and definitely impossible to arrive at a definitive best. Still, I’ve taken to Facebook and Instagram to see what Terrebonne and Lafourche think is the best snowball around. The brutal summer heat will be with us for a few more months, so I hope to get some good suggestions to last me ’til fall.


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