Long Live the Duke

duke open

One of the first topics I actually sought out to investigate so I could report back here on Nomsola was the closing of the Duke. As is often the case, it takes an establishment going out of business for people to take notice. Lots of people in the area can recall the recent Pizza Hut drought that found us craving that otherwise mediocre pie and celebrating its return.

I was of the number that never even knew about the Duke until news spread on Facebook that they were closing. We went for our first and, what we thought at the time would be, our last burger the night the restaurant closed. I had no previous experiences there to compare with, and maybe it was the passion of the whole scenario (and the fact that I had to wait nearly an hour for a table), but I recall the burger being extremely good. We left thinking it was a shame that we only just discovered the place and then never thought much else about it.

Suddenly, about a year later, the Duke changes its Facebook profile picture and posts:


duke barsh

And so, I found myself back at the Duke. The excitement is high online, but people are still slowly discovering the news, so we had no trouble getting a table on this return visit. The menu is still focused on the over-the-top burgers with the Hangover getting the highest billing with bacon, grits, fried egg, and gravy served on a biscuit. I made a mental note to return for a Hangover some late night in the future and instead opted for the Barsh with its slices of beer-boiled bratwurst, sauerkraut, and bacon. It was like a meal in a meal, impossible for me to finish, especially with a mound of the Duke’s incredible fries (think Wing Stop with the salt and sugar sprinkled on top.)

I’m not sure if we’re still feeding off the energy of a hip restaurant saying its sad farewells or making its welcome return, but for now at least the Duke will be the go-to place for a good burger.

The Duke | 7819 Main St, Houma | (985) 262-0203


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