Greek Feast in Thibodaux

Athenos Combination Extraordinaire

It wasn’t long ago you had to leave Lafourche Parish to eat anything more exotic than Mexican or Chinese food. But as Houma gains more and more options in various cuisines, we’re seeing the beginning of an expansion of food diversity to humble Lafourche. Authentic Mexican eateries are the most ubiquitous while flying under the radar, but sushi joints Geaux Fish in Thibodaux and Jinsan in Larose changed things there for locals. A cuisine we’ve been conditioned to travel for, Japanese, is now a much more convenient possibility. I’ve enjoyed this new convenience immensely and have been looking forward to the next iteration.

Atheno’s Greek & Lebanese Cafe looks to be it.

Greek, Lebanese, Mediterranean; however you prefer to label the cuisine, it hasn’t been a part of our area for very long. Sarah’s Mediterranean Cuisine & Cafe and Mommie’s Lebanese Cafe, both in Houma, have been our sole provider (though the hummus craze has found the delectable dip on all sorts of menus these days.)

So, when a small Louisiana-born chain of Greek restaurants decided to expand into Thibodaux, I made plans to go as I could. Often, I’m not comfortable rendering an opinion, at least not in writing, after only a single visit. Especially not when a restaurant first opens. My trip to Atheno’s was a bit different from the usual first restaurant experiences one usually has.

First, the service was smooth despite the restaurant being very busy. We barely had to wait for a table, had a confident and informative server, and got our food quickly. Second, we ate just about everything you could want at a Greek restaurant thanks to the Athenos Combination Extraordinaire sitting at the very top of the menu:

This feast consists of your choice of kabobs (chicken, beef, or lamb kabobs), gyro, chicken shawarma, grape leaves, fried kubbi, hummus, rice, feta cheese salad, Grecian sauce and lots of pita bread.

Delicious hummus!

For forty-five bucks, servers promptly presented my brother and I with a table full of dishes. Our server told us it was more than enough food when we ordered it, but it’s hard to visualize everything based just on the description. Thankfully, it was easy to split into leftovers.

We opted for the lamb kabobs, which were fantastic. The gyro and chicken shawarma, both extremely tender, were great on pita bread smeared with the delicious hummus. I especially liked the Grecian dip, similar to baba ganush but thinner. The rice, grape leaves, and salad were all tasty as well. The only dish I didn’t care for was the fried kubbi, croquettes of ground beef that had a cinnamon flavor to the fried coating. They weren’t bad but seemed out-of-place with the sweet exterior.

Obviously, there’s more to Atheno’s menu than the Extraordinaire, but unless I’m dining alone or looking to try something not found in the combo, I’ll stick with it in the future. It would be great for families and groups of friends, especially if you’re introducing someone to the cuisine for the first time since there’s so much to sample and it’s all so easy to share.

I’m thrilled to see this food in Thibodaux and hope it’s part of a growing trend of exciting new food in our area.

Atheno’s Greek & Lebanese Cafe | 404 N Canal Blvd Ste G, Thibodaux | (985) 492-2232


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