Fremin’s & Flanagan’s

fremins bread
Bread service at Fremin’s

Growing up farther down the bayou in Cut Off, Thibodaux was always a change of pace for me. But after living there for around eight years during and after my time at Nicholls, the city seems much smaller than I recall despite being a college town. That small town feel makes more upscale restaurants like brothers Fremin’s and Flanagan’s stand out. I lunched at both recently and had two great meals.

Fremin’s is the fancier of the two, but I didn’t have to break the bank for lunch. The lunch combo, $10.95 for a soup or salad and half a sandwich, is a great deal, especially if you go for the smoked duck and andouille gumbo. It’s by far the best restaurant gumbo I’ve come across in the area. I find most restaurants struggle with gumbo, most likely because we’re all so used to getting great gumbo at home. It’s one of those local dishes that you’re usually better off satisfying your envie for at home. Fremin’s gumbo is dark like every good gumbo should be, and the duck and andouille are packed with smoky flavor. The only thing that would make it better is a boiled egg, but I’ll let that slide….

fremins gumbo
Smoked duck & andouille gumbo

The bread service is also great at Fremin’s. Fresh baked loafs of flaky bread quickly arrive at your table, accompanied by flavored butters and oil. This visit, the oil was garlic pepper (I think), and the butter was honey bourbon, which was sweet and rich. The bread and accompaniments are a great touch that let you know you’re eating in Thibodaux’s best.

Across town at Flanagan’s, lunch is equally delicious. In the absence of bread service, I order oysters Lafourche: massive fried oysters in a tangy cream sauce served with crispy crostinis. I think this is the same sauce as the pasta Lafourche entree, but it’s definitely better here as an appetizer so you don’t get overloaded on all that flavor.

flanagans oysters
Oysters Lafourche

The fresh catch of the day was a ruby red trout with a jalapeno cream sauce. I was pleased that the sauce had all the flavor of jalapeno but didn’t try to overpower the fish with spice. I also love that Flanagan’s offers jambalaya as a side dish. It sounds over-the-top but it makes sense. It’s a great way to serve a dish I like but wouldn’t usually order as an entree.

Lunch was great, but I hope to return for dinner next time.

Fremin’s | 402 W 3rd St, Thibodaux, LA 70301 | (985) 449-0333

Flanagan’s | 1111 Audubon Ave, Thibodaux, LA 70301 | (985) 447-7771


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