Big plans for Nomsola

I can’t quite recall how I became so obsessed with food. Just a few years ago, I was a picky eater requesting substitutions at drive-through windows and steering clear of raw fish.

I suspect my desire to be Anthony Bourdain (traveling the world and being brave enough to eat anything) combined with my father-in-law‘s proclivity for including us in marathon dining experiences at New Orleans’ best restaurants has quickly molded me into a lover of a good food.

Now, I want to be an advocate of good food.

People have always made fun of me for taking pictures of my food, posting my meals all over Instagram, but lately, it’s been easy to brush the comments off. That’s because I’ve finally been able to present these pictures not as “Look what I’m eating!” but “Look what you could be eating right now!” thanks to this here blog. It’s my hope that you’ve looked through some of my pictures, maybe read some of my posts, and said to yourself, “I want to eat that…NOW!”

I’ve been content to simply write about especially good local dining experiences I have, but I want this blog to become more than that. It’s my ambition for Nomsola to become a powerful tool for anyone looking to dine in the Terrebonne and Lafourche area to easily find amazing food experiences right where they live.

It’ll start with more content here on the blog, but I want to expand in several ways. If you haven’t already, please check out and like Nomsola’s Facebook page. Lots of local restaurants, cafes, bakeries, bars, and more post great information about what they have to offer. If you follow Nomsola, you’ll always be on top of the best dining deals and opportunities available to you in your area.

My big dream for Nomsola, though, is to start a free monthly newsletter that you can pick up at your favorite restaurants, bars, and businesses. It’ll be an exciting and fun way to see what the area has to offer through restaurant reviews, lists of the best dishes around, recipes, interviews with the people behind the great eating and drinking experiences the area has to offer, and more.

It’s an ambitious project, and I can’t be sure when it’ll come to fruition, but with your help, it can become a reality. So, please like our Facebook page and share it or a particular article here on the blog if you find it especially interesting or informative. Tell your friends and family about the site. Recommend to me any great restaurants, bars, dishes, etc. that you think we should cover. If you or someone you know who owns a restaurant or some other business might be interested in supporting a free newsletter about local food, please contact me.

I want Nomsola to help you love food as much as I do, right here where we live. Thanks for reading!


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