Surprisingly upscale dinner down the bayou

I’ve been hesitant to try Chateau du Bayou in Cut Off since it reopened, but after looking over its menu recently, Lindsay and I decided to give it a try. We invited my brother Gary and his girlfriend Asha to dine with us, but when we arrived, a buffet setting and Kenny G blaring from speakers turned us away. Chateau was hosting a wedding and reception. Not wishing to crash the party, we headed further down the bayou, ending up at Cafe Oceana in Golden Meadow.

I had eaten there only once before, not long after it had opened, and had no recollection of the menu at all. Turns out, Oceana offers some pretty upscale dishes I never knew about. Our waitress started by saying they don’t get many “young people” in the restaurant. We weren’t sure what to make of that, but we were pleasantly surprised with the selections.

oceana oystersWe started with a fried oyster appetizer, drizzled with garlic butter and topped with herbs and shredded parmesan. Anything topped this way would be delicious, but the oysters were good and left a perfect sauce to sop up with the table bread.

Lindsay ordered Catfish Oceana, two fried filets with a lemon pecan meuniere sauce and vegetables. The plate was extremely colorful and equally flavorful.

1180I went with the seafood  crepes, a bowl of two crepes filled with shrimp, crab, and oysters, bathed in a cream sauce. It was bit difficult to eat, the crepes being so delicate and the sauce so thin. I would have preferred a thicker sauce, but it too was loaded with flavor. Crepes can also be ordered individually as appetizers.

As we were leaving, our waitress told us we should come back for the Sunday fried chicken special, a local favorite we’re told. I’m eager to return and give it a try along with some of the other dishes. We’ll try Chateau again soon enough, but I’m glad we were able to discover another upscale alternative to the casual Cajun fare in the area.

Cafe Oceana  2606 N Alex Plaisance Blvd, Golden Meadow, LA 70357 | (985) 475-5272


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