Lent, Week 3: Griffin’s Poboy and Grille

(Each Friday of the Lent season, we’ll take a look at a great, local, and “meat-free” [ie, seafood] meal.)

Where to eat: Griffin’s Poboy and Grille

  • Houma: 1015 A Tunnel BLVD
  • Raceland: 4566 Hwy 1
  • Thibodaux: 1523A St. Mary St.

What to order: Friday Lunch Special

Subject: Heads up for this Friday

Griffin’s Lent special strikes again!

Crab Cakes over Pasta, Rosemary Lemon Cream Sauce, Caesar Salad & Garlic Bread $8.50

griffins lunch specialI sent out this email to some friends at work on Wednesday. Every Friday, regardless of the season, Griffin’s offers a seafood lunch special. For a while, I made a habit of torturing my coworkers with descriptions of local lunch specials via email. Now that Lent is here, these communications have become far more effective.

Last week’s special, pictured here, was shrimp stew with popcorn shrimp, potato salad, and French bread. Actually, it was supposed to be corn bread, but they ran out. This substitution would have normally been disappointing, but French bread was perfect for sopping up lingering bits of stew and potato salad.

Adding to the meal, the service was quick. We had more than enough time to enjoy the food and make it back to the office with time to spare; a rarity for the Raceland area unfortunately.

So, when I saw this week’s Friday special was crab cakes, I immediately started looking forward to it. I wasn’t the only one, apparently, as Griffin’s ran out of crab cakes and didn’t have an empty table to spare. We would have been fine ordering and waiting for a place to sit, but Griffin’s Raceland location, being attached to a gas station, has such little space that it’s never a reliable lunch choice.

We ended up nearby at El Paso (shrimp fajitas for me), but, while good, it didn’t quite make up for my disappointment. Maybe next week….


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