A double helping of Scarlet Scoop

scarlet scoop ice cream
Looking at it again, I could go for a third helping….

Where to eat: Scarlet Scoop (300 Barrow St., Houma)

What to order: Red Velvet Ice Cream

I’m not a big ice cream fan, but I had Scarlet Scoop for dessert twice last week, two days in a row.

We made our first visit for dessert after Valentine’s dinner at Cristiano, not even a minute away. The shop is small and cramped and perfectly charming for it. While the ice cream is clearly the main event, every inch of counter space is devoted to a huge variety of colorful and unique candies; those ridiculously large lollipops no one has ever finished, jars of massive jawbreakers, and those great strips of saltwater taffy they sell from the wagon at the Audubon Zoo. The walls are lined with fake newsprint wallpaper, the black and white contrasting greatly against the rainbow of edible color.

There’s a bit of additional seating out front, but dozens of people poured in during both our visits. I think it only adds to the appeal, though. A recent article in the Houma Courier may have something to do with that, but I like to think the Scarlet Scoop is just a popular spot I’ve only just become aware of.

Our second visit was the next evening after dinner at Sarah’s Mediterranean Cuisine with a few friends. Both times, I got a scoop of red velvet ice cream in a cup. I’d eat red velvet anything, but this ice cream was fantastic. The ice cream itself was so rich and filled with chunks of actual cake. I never considered another flavor for a second either time.

Lindsay got a scoop of king cake for our Valentine’s dessert. It too was chunky with bits of cake and a bit crunchy with king cake sprinkles. The number of kids demanding a scoop of king cake from their parents indicates it’s a favorite of kids of all ages. What’s your favorite place to grab dessert after a nice dinner? Let us know in the comments.


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