Lent, Week 1: Off the Hook

(Each Friday of the Lent season, we’ll take a look at a great, local, and “meat-free” [ie, seafood] meal.)

off the hook
Fast food fried fish!

Where to eat: Off the Hook (1801 Canal Blvd, Thibodaux)

What to order: Half fried fish, half fried shrimp platter

When it first opened, it was easy to compare Off the Hook to Raising Cane’s with their limited menus. Off the Hook changed things up a little by offering not only chicken fingers but also chicken wings and fried catfish. Every meal comes with coleslaw, potato wedges, hush puppies, tartar sauce and T-Boy sauce, their take on the delicious mystery sauce that is actually a lot more flavorful than Cane’s. Ultimately, the decision on where to go should come down to chicken or fish. The latter is actually very good considering you can order it at the drive-through and drive off within a minute.

Off the Hook recently changed things up, though, by adding fried shrimp to the menu, just in time for Lent. The portion is enough that Lindsay and I usually split a large platter. Thankfully, there are two hush puppies, so no fighting for us!

Another new addition to the menu is chicken and sausage gumbo. Like the catfish, it’s pretty damn good for fast food. If you’re stopping by during the week or don’t follow Lent, order a cup with your platter. It’s a great last minute meal to start off your weekend. What are your favorite Lent season meals? Let us know in the comments!


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