From Bar to Barbacoa

la estrella tacos
El pastor and fajita tacos at La Estrella. If only they were open during Fourth Meal….

Where to eat: La Estrella (804 Saint Mary St., Thibodaux)

What to order: Tacos!

Where I once went to drink underage in my early college years, I now go to eat authentic tacos. La Estrella is a Mexican grocery and taqueria in what used to be the sports bar Bellini’s. Where before there was a stage, rows of produce and snacks now stand with pinatas dangling overhead. Where loud rap used to drown out conversation, Mexican soap operas or music videos now provide the soundtrack. And where we used to order drinks, we now order tacos. These aren’t the Taco Bell variety most of us grew up with, though.

No crispy corn or soft flour tortillas, ground beef seasoned to death with cumin, lettuce, cheese, or other toppings best left on a hamburger; these are soft corn tortillas with your choice of grilled meats topped simply with onion and cilantro. The menu changed up every now and then when it first opened, but it seems La Estrella has settled on offering fajita, barbacoa, pollo, lengua, tripa, carnitas, rajas con queso, pastor, and chicharron. Each taco is two bucks.

I haven’t been to enough taquerias to judge whether or not La Estrella is all that great, but it trumps any of the Tex-Mex tacos you’ll find elsewhere in Thibodaux. If you’re a bit hesitant to make the leap to these tacos, I’d stick with the fajita (steak), pollo (chicken), and carnitas (pork) tacos. But if you’re up for something more adventurous compared to the typical local food fare, try the lengua (tongue); it’s one of those foods that most people just assume is gross by association but has a perfectly nice taste and texture. Give a try!

There are several other Mexican staples on the menu at La Estrella, but I’ve never ventured beyond the tacos, usually ordering three or four of at least two different types and washing it down with a Jarritos fruit-flavored soda. Next time you’re in the mood for Mexican food in Thibodaux, give La Estrella a try. You’ll be in for a delicious surprise.

Where else can you get authentic tacos nearby? Let us know in the comments!


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