Bourgeois Boudin Breakfast

This breakfast can’t contain its own deliciousness!

Where to eat: Bourgeois Smokehouse (1461 Tiger Drive, Thibodaux)

What to order: Boudin

Bourgeois is famous for its beef jerky, and for good reason. It’s smoky and delicious (and expensive). Their turkey cheese and burgers aren’t bad either, but there’s one item that trumps them all: boudin.

Any food lover should know that good boudin is something worth appreciating, but unfortunately, there’s a severe lack of good boudin in the area. Gas stations all around offer fried boudin balls that might as well be labeled rice balls. Bourgeois is the exception.

They go with just about anything you’d toss on the grill as an appetizer or side, but it never occurred to me to eat it for breakfast until a few weeks ago when we had some of Lindsay’s family over to the apartment. We cooked Mosca’s chicken à la grande, and they brought wine. Lindsay’s uncle, realizing how close we live to Bourgeois, requested boudin for breakfast. We indulged his odd yet enthusiastic request and had boudin with biscuits the next morning. It was great, but my father-in-law’s suggestion that it would go good with a fried egg just as we were finishing up the last of it immediately made me hungry for more. It wasn’t until this weekend that I was able to satisfy that envie.

Bourgeois closes at noon on Saturdays, but living hardly five minutes away, I took my good time waking up and picking up a few links before immediately cooking it up in a pan with a bit of olive oil. The links browned right away and split, bursting at the seams with meat and rice. Alongside a slowly fried egg with a runny yolk, Bourgeois boudin makes for an indulgent weekend breakfast. What are your favorite over the top breakfasts? What else is good at Bourgeois or other local meat markets? Let us know in the comments!


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