Wednesday Night Wine Tasting at Song Phi Nong

It’s not difficult to enjoy yourself with six glasses of wine….

Where to eat: Song Phi Nong ( 279 Enterprise Dr #A, Houma)

What to order: Wine Tasting (Wednesdays at 6:30 pm)

Spicy Asian food, six different wines, and bingo; it’s an odd combination that somehow works beautifully and looks to become my new Wednesday night ritual.

Song Phi Nong has been the top contender for my favorite restaurant in Houma for a good while now, but a chance encounter with the restaurant’s Facebook page may have just sealed the deal. Every Wednesday night, you can get six small(ish) glasses of different wines chosen for you by the bartender and your choice of pad thai, fried rice, or chicken wings, all for fifteen bucks. The chance to try different wines, served by a very knowledgable bartender, alongside Song Phi Nong’s delicious food is well worth the price.

Finally, all that time I waste on Facebook pays off!

Lindsay and I ordered pork pad thai and shrimp fried rice. If you’re not already in love with Song Phi Nong and its pad thai, stop reading this and go get some right now! It’s a spicy mix of noodles, green onions, bean sprouts, egg, and your choice of meat. We always choose pork as it’s very tender and compliments the flavors very well.

While waiting for our food, we started with two glasses of wine: a riesling and cabernet. The riesling was a bit sweet and buttery, while the cabernet oaky and a little bitter. I was hesitant about mixing wines with spicy Thai food, but our bartender correctly assured us that the second couple of wines would go well with our dishes. A malbec worked well with the flavorful and spicy pad thai while the white torrentez (a wine I’d never tried before) suited the lighter fried rice. I was impressed with our bartender’s description of the torrentez’s flavor, “between a sauvignon blanc and a charddonay.” It was spot on.

The pad thai alone is worth the trip.

We finished with a sweet white blend and a red wine called Paso a Paso (I’m not exactly sure which type this one fell into.) I’m not usually fond of sweet white wine, but the blend was kind of nice as a “dessert” after our spicy meal. Our bartender said she found the Paso a Paso to be a love-it-or-hate-it kind of wine (though maybe that was just a fun way to end the tasting with a challenge), but we thought it was pretty good. I found it tasted like a very light port, though not nearly as rich.

Topping off the Wednesday night wine tastings at Song Phi Nong is a game of Bingo. Unfortunately, we decided to skip it in favor of getting coffee, but I’m sure we’ll try our hand at it soon enough. We’re told the winner gets a bottle of wine to take home!

Depsite passing on Bingo, we had a great time enjoying one of our favorite spots in a new way. I’d reccomend the Wednesday night wine tasting at Song Phi Nong to anyone looking to expand their knowledge of wine or just to enjoy yourself in the middle of the week. What’s your favorite place to have a glass of wine in the area? Do you know of any other restaurants offering tastings nearby? Let us know in the comments.


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