I resolve to eat more sushi

rainbow roll
Taste the rainbow!

Where to eat: Osaka Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar (1867 Martin Luther King Blvd, Houma)

What to order: Rainbow Roll / Out of Control Roll

For 2013, my wife Lindsay and I resolved to eat healthier (on weekdays anyway). We cut out butter, cheese, mayo, fried foods, etc. and set out to include healthier options like turkey, avocado, wheat bread and pasta; not a difficult task as these things are all delicious. We quickly realized, however, that eating out during the week might pose a problem at some of our favorite restaurants.

Osaka has long been our favorite place to eat in Houma (though Song Phi Nong is giving it a run for it’s money), and while I’m no nutritionist, I find sushi to be relatively healthy in comparison to most other dining options. Still, our resolution to eat better in 2013 prevents us from ordering two of our usuals at Osaka: the shrimp tempura and coral reef rolls as both feature fried seafood. Other favorites are ruled out by the inclusion of mayo, either on top in the spicy mayo or inside within the crab stick mixture.

So, we decided to go specifically to find some new rolls that fit our resolution and could become our new weekday usuals. I think we succeeded for most part.

The rainbow roll (above) was light and refreshing. It’s simply raw fish and avocado slices atop rice with cucumber. The flavor is very reminiscent of what comes in an order of regular sushi, both in the variety of fish and its simple taste. The added avocado adds a rich and buttery flavor leading me to believe the rainbow roll is an excellent choice for anyone interested in trying more traditional sushi (just raw fish and rice) but afraid it will be too plain or fishy.

out of control roll
This roll is out of control!

We also had the out of control roll. Similar to the rainbow roll with slices of raw fish and avocado on top, the out of control roll steps things up with the inclusion of spicy tuna inside and a tangy sauce drizzled over the plate. Bits of raw jalapeno finishes off each bite with a light but noticeable burn. Despite the spicy accents, I’d recommend this roll as well to anyone apprehensive about trying the raw stuff.

I can’t vouch for exactly how much healthier these rolls are than our previous choices, but we definitely feel like we’re eating better while still treating our taste buds.

We’ll most likely try a few more options during our next visits to Osaka, but I think these three will be in our rotation for a good while to come. Have a favorite roll at Osaka? Know any delicious (and healthy) options at popular spots in the area? Let us know in the comments!


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