Graduate your Ramen!

Ramen doesn’t have to taste cheap!

Thibodaux is a college town. I moved here to attend Nicholls and lived the lazy student life for five years. In that time, I ate my fair share of ramen noodles, but not once did it ever occur to me that there could be more than salty broth and noodles.

If you’re not  dressing up your ramen, you’re doing it wrong!

At the very least, toss an egg into the mix. Just crack an egg into the pot after mixing in the seasoning. You can mix it up to get strands of eggy goodness, but I suggest dropping the contents right in the middle and covering the pot for a minute. The result is heavenly: a flash fried egg that bursts with yolky bliss and transforms your meal from “just ramen” to “dinner!”

Once you’ve converted to this higher branch of thinking, try adding other ingredients to your ramen. My personal favorite is pictured above.

I start by tossing a few strips of spicy “Thai” flavored beef jerky that you can find at any grocery store or gas station into a pot of boiling water. Turn off the heat after a few minutes or once the jerky is tender.

While everything is busy boiling, I chop a few slices of fresh jalapeno and dice up some cilantro. Once the ramen is seasoned and the egg is just solid enough to retain its yolk until I stab it with my fork, I pour the contents into a large bowl, careful to place the egg on top as to not spill the yolk too soon.

I add a dab of spicy garlic chili paste, the jalapenos and cilantro, a few bean sprouts for crunch, the boiled jerky, and a generous dose of sriracha sauce for more spice and flavor. The result is delicious and very spicy. I find the cilantro adds a pho-like quality to the ramen (especially if you use the beef flavored seasoning) and really steps it up from a budget meal to something worth your time.

What kind of stuff do you like in your ramen? Let us know in the comments!


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