Mediterranean on the Bayou

gyro plate
Gyro plate at Sarah’s Mediterranean Cuisine and Cafe

Where to eat: Sarah’s Mediterranean Cuisine And Cafe (1420 W Tunnel Blvd, Houma)

What to order: Gyro Plate ($10)

Sarah’s Mediterranean Cuisine and Cafe is a beautiful restaurant. Two fountains babble beside the entrance; a unique bottle of wine adorns each table in the dining room; the ceiling displays a bright, cloudy sky that shifts to inky night above secluded booths; there’s a hookah lounge tucked around a corner and a Mediterranean grocery just next door.

The lavish scenery is a drastic change from Sarah’s previous location: a diner attached to a gas station downtown. It would seem the only thing that hasn’t changed is the menu.

Honestly, I haven’t ventured very far into the menu, but that’s only because my usual seems intentionally placed to steal all the attention: the gyro plate (conveniently located at the top of the entrees section) offers a delicious variety for a great price.

The meat (beef and lamb) is very tender and wonderfully flavorful. It’s mixed with peppers atop basmati rice and comes with a Greek salad, hummus, and pita bread. Being gyro meat, the food comes out quick, and for ten dollars, you get a great variety and value.

Obviously, the appeal of Sarah’s are the Mediterranean dishes, something of a rarity around here, but the most adventurous aspect of the gyro plate is probably the hummus. If you haven’t already hopped on the bandwagon, do yourself a favor and dive right in. It’s garlicky and delicious.

I wish I could say more about Sarah’s menu, but I don’t visit often enough to dare miss out on the gyro plate. If you’ve been, leave a comment letting us know what’s good!



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